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Justin Kirkendall - Texas

Fly has been the ULTIMATE God-send for our church and our worship ministry. As a small church with one musician (me), you are limited to what you can do when it comes to worship. Not that worship is about music- because we all know, that it's not; but as fellow worship leaders and worshipers- you know when there is a foundation of solid music- worship is so much more easier and enjoyable. Over the years, I have found little ways to enhance our lack of musicians by adding a drum machine, extra pads underneath the keyboard sound, etc; however, there's only so much that you can do without a bass or a certain drum patter or an acoustic guitar. Most current worship songs are guitar driven- so without that guitar- the song doesn't really live up to what it needs to be with just a piano. Fly worship has given me that guitar and so much more. The software and the looping function really are so easy to use in a live setting. I was using Fly in literally 10 minutes from downloading the softwareazing. I've looked into so many other softwares but none of them are as inexpensive and easy as Fly. I love that the songs are recorded by the same band; so that the band's sound becomes your sound! The tracks are solid recordings- no gaps in the looping feature. The looks on people's faces since getting Fly has been priceless. I've noticed a HUGE difference in our vocal team and our church with fly: an anticipation, an excitement to worship. I've also noticed for myself- Fly has given me so much more freedom to really lead worship instead of trying to focus on all of the elements that I've got going to make up for the lack of musicians. My vocals are improved because I'm not so "scatter-brained". It's been awesome! I don't have any complaints at all. Bob and his team have done an amazing job! I would recommend Fly to ANYBODY. It truly is revolutionary.

Mark Bryan - Witney UK

“Just practicing with Fly has revived a tired and somewhat weary worship leader! With unlimited possible arrangements, songs we’ve sung for years take on a fresh new feel.  And to instantly transform from a single acoustic guitar to a full, rounded band sound has helped create an atmosphere in our church where people can really draw closer to God. The result: a renewed passion for worship…”

Tim Clark - Elk Grove, CA

Wow!  That’s the response I received this weekend from most of our congregation.  I started here at this church 5 years ago, playing drums, and have been leading with guitar for a little over a year now.  It definitely stretched me in many ways, but it has been hard to get musicians. We have been without drums for several months, not to mention no electric (unless I fumble with it) or percussion, or you can go on.  Anyway, this week we did 2 songs, that absolutely rocked the house.  People were singing , dancing and most importantly worshipping!  So for that alone, I can’t thank you enough for this piece of software and recordings.
Ken Granger - USA
I wish I had discovered Fly a long time ago. The price is right, especially for purchasing new songs, and the quality of the tracks is superb. I primarily needed it because I have no drummer but it has proven so beneficial when others need to take a week or two off. Even when I have everyone there, the little extra texture from the keyboard part really sweetens the sound. Possibly the best part, though, is your customer service. Second to none.

Norbert Bauer - Thailand

We have a small "outpost church" in Thailand with missionaries and workers from the local community coming in and out just like an army base. Worship is a huge value for us, but it has been so hard to get a band going. Once had a great drummer who left after one year, then our bass player moved to the US, and we were back to one guitar. I had looked into backup tracks, but it just didn't feel right. When I heard about Fly and what it can do, I knew this was exactly what we needed. Now, if a keyboard player comes through for six months, I just pull down that slider, and we're set to go. Thanks guys for an awesome product, and outstanding support.

Kenneth Carlson - USA

As the Associate Pastor of a church located in the Jersey Shore region, one of my privileges is in leading worship. However, due to the culture of the area, it is difficult to attract young families and young adults without an exciting and fulfilling worship experience. When I purchased FlyWorship, I no longer felt "held back" from playing the style of music I always desired to play; namely, great Christian worship songs with the instruments and powerful sounds of an entire band. Thanks FlyWorship for your steadfast determination to help a new church like ours!

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